5 Questions, 5 Answers with Ray Shaffer

1.     Why cars? And in your case Ray: Why Porsche?
My dad always used to buy an old VW Beetle every fall and we would spend the winter months rebuilding the car to use the following summer – more as a practical matter than for hobby. I was familiar with that German shape as a result but one day, while riding my bike through the neighborhood, I spied something more racy looking than the Beetle, yet somehow similar in shape sitting in a nearby garage. That car turned out to be a Porsche 356 Coupe. I was in love! Through the years, I have come to respect the authenticity of the company – its people and products. For more than 70 years now, Porsche has remained true to itself, and I admire that!
5 Questions 5 Answers with Ray Shaffer
2.     What’s your favourite car event?
I have been with Porsche long enough now to remember a time before Rennsport Reunion. So, as both a street and race enthusiast (currently diving back into vintage Porsche racing with friends), working and attending these special events over the years truly strikes a special chord with me. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, attends from within our community – it’s a great way to reunite with my mates (new and old) as well as the Porsche legends.
Bart Kuykens Interview - Ray Shaffer Porsche
3.     What did you miss the most during this pandemic?
I miss the almost constant travel schedule to automotive events. In fact, when my friend Cam Ingram (of Road Scholars) and I were commiserating about all the wonderful people we weren’t getting to see on a consistent basis, we came up with the idea of launching our Fresh Brewed & Air Cooled (FB&AC) podcast to do just that. We decided that since both our daily work required us to drive down the deep tracks of Porsche history and heritage, we would share that experience with our friends in the Porsche community – and our passion project FB&AC was born.
Bart Kuykens Interview - Ray Shaffer Porsche
4.     What cars do you have? Working on a new project?
I still have my Brumos-sourced 1992 964 Turbo (and will for a long time to come, if I have any say in it) that we shot with for A Flat Six Love Affair Vol. 6. I had just finished the engine restoration when you came to visit me at the PEC Atlanta. Now, I am planning to address the restoration of the suspension system inside our Classic Factory Restoration program. Then, it will be time to venture out into the Appalachian Mountains once again!
Bart Kuykens Interview - Ray Shaffer Porsche
5.     What’s your advice for the next generation if they wanna step into the classic car scene?
Do not wait for what you think is the perfect moment (it will never come) or the perfect project car. Jump in and enjoy. Of course, I recommend starting with the best Porsche your budget will allow. Not only is there outstanding parts and care support from Porsche Classic, the community is the best! Without a doubt, my life is richer for the dear friends I have made through diving into the classic Porsche scene with both feet. My hope for everyone reading this is that they too will experience what it is like to live with such Porsche passion.
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