Beauty Will Save The World - Sleeping With Art

We are delighted that Bart Kuykens and Sleeping with Art have chosen to raise funds for UNICEF UK. The Covid-19 pandemic is the biggest and most urgent global crisis that children have faced since World War Two. The world will only begin to recover from the pandemic when people in lower-income countries have access to vaccines, tests and treatments. UNICEF is ensuring that no one is left and is on a mission to deliver 2 billion vaccines around the world this year. Funds raised will protect those most at-risk, help struggling health services get back on their feet and ensure that millions of children can go back to school.

Gordon Glick, Deputy Executive Director, Partnerships and Philanthropy, UNICEF UK


When I started my collaboration with UNICEF to support fragile communities, I thought about how we are privileged because we live in the "right" part of the world. But this doesn't mean we have to ignore the pain of others. We have been lucky enough to live these last sixteen months surrounded by adequate healthcare, with home deliveries of food and everything we needed. Our homes have been our nest, our shelter, our safe places.

Beauty will save the world! Maybe I'm a dreamer, but this is my belief every time I think about the details of my commitment to the most significant supply operation in history. With the full support of UNICEF, I will sell one of my fine art prints during the largest car art exhibition that has ever taken place in the UK.


Children have the right to go back to school, and the most at-risk people need to be protected.

If you wish, you can support the initiative by donating at this link: