Heroes. I've had a few. People I've looked up to, wondered at their achievement. I feel an affinity with the folks in this book, all heroes in a way, united by a shared compulsion. None more so than Hans Mezger and Norbert Singer. Having touched their orbit, I know these extraordinary gentleman live up to their towering reputations with humility and immense charm. Whoever said you should never meet your heroes was wrong. Bart has captured everyone in this book beautifully and evocatively - all of them touched by the fascination for a collective idol - the Porsche.
Rob Dickinson - Singer Vehicle Design
"Deep, moody, almost Gothic in tone, Bart’s monochrome photography captures the intimate relationship between man and machine. The results are timeless studies of an iconic design, frozen forever using an equally iconic Leica rangefinder camera. This is classic photography at the very highest level…"
Keith Seume



"Bart’s wonderful Black & White images are highly cinematic and have a timeless and classic appeal.  They are well crafted and composed and harken back to the analog era of photography.  There is something nostalgic yet modern about them and they make you want to get in your Porsche and drive!"

Carol Leflufy



 "Stunning, steamy and stimulating; dark, deep and defiant; real, raw and relevant; every image a provocative pleasure. Bart’s probing lens penetrates people, places and Porsches – click to capture the rapture!"

Johnny Tipler