A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 4

A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 4

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As a member of the Porsche family, I am particularly pleased that so many interesting people have a passion for Porsche cars. In this book both the people and their cars are shown in a very special way. 
I still like the monochrome tone of Bart's pictures because the contrasts, shapes and lines have a much stronger effect here and you can really "feel" the situation when looking at it. It's also nice to be a part of this artwork myself.

Hans-Peter Porsche




Book details:

- 336 pages

- Black & White

- Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed)

- forewords by Paloma Picasso, Jeff Zwart and Hans-Peter Porsche


Hans-Peter Porsche, Fanny Saulay, Antoine Pai, Christophe Gerber, Arthur Karakoumouchian, Dan Curwin, Andre Lotterer, Erwin Wijnants, Kenny Schachter, Frank Cassidy, Gerhard Kratzwald, Jean-Claude Fourniaud, Jean-Marie Grudé, Jeanette Walther, Jens-Paul Neugebauer, Joeri Smets, Julien Borne, Jurgen Barth, Nicolas Quiles, Marco Atzori, Nathalie Drouet-Lemercier, Niklas Ewertz, Robert Ameteau, Robin Walther, Steve Van Stappen, Thomas Seydoux, Thor Hushovd, Thorsten Strozik, Walter Röhrl and Wim Bayens.

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