A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 6

A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 6

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Book details:

- 336 pages

- Black & White

- Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed)

- forewords by:  Emily Sawamura, Alois Ruf and Rod Emory



Albert Vara, Andre Lotterer, Anna Carrera, Ari Epstein, Chuck Beck, Derek Bell, Eric Clarke, Hurley Haywood, Jaime Montserrat, Jay Kay, Jennifer Nicole, Jim Goodlett, Kai Burkhard, Kevin Jeannette, Luka van Hoenacker, Marc Watson, Mark Pribanic, Mike Carrigan, Mike Geisert, Mike van Osta, Pablo Lorenzo, Patricio Cuello, Patrick Dempsey, Pierre-Philip Hauteclair, Ray Shaffer, Regis Matthieu, Suneal Nandigam, Sven Grossman, Tine De Schepper, TJ Russell, Yordi Garcia

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