A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 2

A flat6 Love Affair - VOL 2

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“Clatch”, the distinctive click of the latch. Its door closing everything behind you, awakening that mischievous desire within. This enticing “clatch” that will send a familiar chill down your spine, that strikes at your soul with an anticipation…  Imagination. A haunting echo; intriguing the exhilaration about to come forth… The ceremony has begun; a realization that you are about to indulge in an intoxicating clarity. Which is then followed by a piercing silence before ignition takes place. That calming moment that you feel as if transcending space and time… As the distractions of the world sink away, your body feels at ease in the comfort of its seat.  The subtle turn of its key as if waking an old friend that sparks inspiration throughout. Like the reflections off the car, its graceful strength, its competitive pedigree, its visual form of artistic shapes. Harmoniously awakening, creating an undeniable attraction to the magic within.The heart of the engine comes to life…  

Confirming the intimate bond you share amongst the myth and the mystery of a machine. At this moment in time you are… one. The photos in this book speak an unspoken story, a story that has been captured with great authenticity by Bart Kuykens. The relationship with an old Porsche is an overwhelming connection; full of drive, lust and desire. Bart has been able to accurately transform this connection through the lens of his camera, onto the pages of this book. Establishing him as the true storyteller, between an individual and their love for a Porsche.

 -Matt Hummel


Book details:

- 336 pages

- Black & White

- Limited edition, 911 copies (numbered and signed)

- forewords by Matt Hummel, John Benton and Luc Donckerwolke


Leonard Stolk, Guy Pasmans, Gilbert Pothen, Tanja Stadnic, Karsten Kampmann, Keith Seume, Walter Röhrl, Kobus Cantraine, Laetitia Theus, Aaron Vidal Martinez, Rein de Ruiter, Manfred Hering, Marc Küllenberg, Marc Vandervoort, Margreet Hanekamp, Mark Morgan, Mark Wegh, Magnus Andersson, Michael Huijser, Raf Claes, Tim Davies, Matthew Edge, Robert Barrie, Roger Bray, Rudiger Achtruth, Stephan Schrauwen, Steven Feakin, Philipp Laass, Thomas Gaedtke, Tony Kersbergen, Yannick Stevens, Vincent de Pincent, Thomas Englert, Henk Koop and  Pawel Kalinowski.


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